Weld NZ By Stephen Snedden Announces Kickstarter Campaign For Financing The Innovative Speed Welder Project

October 24 01:15 2017
Weld NZ founded by Stephen Snedden has announced launch of Kickstarter campaign for Speed Welder project.

Weld NZ has announced that their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter is live and running for funding the Speed Welder project. The dream child of founder and CEO Stephen Snedden, Speed Welder is the ultimate plastic welder.  The innovative product has been professionally designed and recommended for both DIY amateurs and trades persons.

“We are delighted to introduce to you the highly innovative and extremely valuable Speed Welder, the plastic welder that’s a must-have for everyone dealing in plastic,” says Stephen Snedden while talking about his innovation. “It is the best commercial plastic welder available on the market and can weld all types of plastic products. I was surprised at the huge cost of plastic welders available currently and wanted to design one that’s super-efficient and low cost as well.”

Stephen Snedden, the founder of Weld NZ and the brain behind Speed Welder, has a background in welding spanning over 30 years. Stephen has been recognized for his contributions through a number of awards ranging from his apprenticeship days through to the annual Mystery Creek field days.

Stephen is easily one of the most innovative entrepreneurs in his area of expertise. He contributes regularly to New Zealand DIY magazine. His has handled a series of projects ranging from the current multi hull plastic boats to non-conventional trailers and more. He is keen on sharing his knowledge and expertise and believes that helping people will help them achieve self-sufficiency and enable them to have a career in his chosen specialized industry.

Speed Welder is a highly innovative creation that can weld various types of plastic products. These include chilly bins, car bumpers, plastic toys, water tanks, PVC pipes, air conditioning ducts, bins and buckets and even plastic boats. Speed Welder can also weld canoes, surfboards, vinyl flooring and lots more.

According to Stephen, Speed Welder will work on polyethylene, ABS, polypropylene, polycarbonate, PVC, acrylic, nylon, and vinyl and a few other materials. The nozzle preheats the work and melts the rod as it is pulled along. To ensure that the joints are smooth, seamless and invisible after the work, the plastic can be sanded and flamed to a nice finish. Welding rods of up to 8 mm can be used in the Speed Welder.

Weld NZ, founded by Stephen Snedden, is a reliable and reputed company specializing in welders and accessories. The registered company has almost 100% positive feedback on Trade Me Market Place. The prototype for Speed Welder is ready and fully functional and used by the company’s product engineer regularly.

The Kickstarter campaign started by Weld NZ is attempting to raise NZ$ 15,000 to fund various areas of the project including manufacturing and marketing. The deadline for the campaign is 29 October, 2017.

About The Speed Welder:

The Speed Welder is a new innovative plastic welder designed for making welding of all types of plastic easy for professional tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts. It has been created and developed by Stephen Snedden, an irrepressible entrepreneur known for innovative ideas and products. The Speed Welder is being developed and marketed by Weld NZ founded by Stephen Snedden and has emerged as a trusted provider of welders and accessories.

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