Faerie Academy Official announces launch of site with a discount voucher offer

October 25 00:42 2017

Faerie Academy Official has announced the official launch of its site and the offer of a discount voucher to kids and other shoppers

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/dPox0W5UmRU

Faerie Academy Official is an online clothing store managed by popular animation company, Faerie Media and is designed to offer online shoppers fairy themed clothing and costumes as well as pet clothing for cats and dogs. The store recently announced its official launch, allowing shoppers to purchase Fairy costumes, Toddler clothing, Children’s clothing, and Baby gifts all year long.

Shopping for gift items for different events and occasions has not been particularly easy. While some shoppers have to contend with the long queues at departmental stores and the stress as well a cost of commuting to these stores, there is also the risk of getting less than one bargains from online retail stores. This is in addition to not being able to get all the desired items at one particular spot. This is where stores like Faerie Academy Official, otherwise known as FAO comes in particularly helpful.

Faerie Academy Official also offers branded T-shirts, designed to communicate the core values of a fairy heart – Truth, Friendship, and Love. The Faerie Academy Official was created to help children learn the values of cooperation, kindness and honesty. In an isolating virtual and VR gaming oriented society, FAO encourages children to play with each other. The brand is unlike any other kiddies’ brand, as it encourages imagination and creativity in children, with hands on musical instruments and dress up costumes to inspire imagination.

As part of the stores plan to not only offer easy, convenient and fast shopping of items particularly for kids and baby girls, which include baby shower gifts, Baby rompers, and Flower girl dresses, the store is also offering a $5.00 discount voucher to children. This is done for children to inspire other children, with the discount voucher available to any child who donates outgrown FAO fairy clothing or toys to a younger child. The unique concept is a pay-it-forward program that encourages children to share, which ensuring parents feel good about buying clothes that kids outgrow.

Interested persons that which to participate in the program and qualify for the $5.00 PIF Voucher are required to email [email protected] their FAO order # with PIF in the subject line. Interested parents can also have their kids featured on the Faerie Academy’s Facebook page by submitting a photo that shows the child painting, coloring, dancing, playing a musical instrument, singing or wearing a fairy costume to the Facebook page. Videos about the child talking about why Truth, Friendship and/or Love are important can also be sent to the page to qualify for a $5.00 PIF voucher.

About Faerie Academy Official

Faerie Academy Official is an online retail store and society managed by Faerie Media and created to be the one-stop shop for items like baby clothing, children fairy clothes, fairytale costumes and other items for special moments and holidays

Faerie Academy Official also serves as a platform where children can discover their talent and creativity, encouraging them to be hands on and creative while they have fun in a virtual society.

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